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logo-homehomathie-on-the-moveOur goal is to provide homeopathic physicians and students with information on clinical research done by the Study Group of Unicist Homeopathy (GEHU), so as to circulate freely the reflection in the homeopathic world.

• In addition to providing access to the group’s research, the site also offers:

– bibliographies,
– particular works of an author,
– articles considered particularly interesting,
– debates around points of doctrine or homeopathic philosophy.

• The GEHU is a research group. It is neither a school, a forum, nor a homeopathic advocacy organization. It is a place of work open to those wishing to participate in research in unicist homeopathy.

• Finally, our wish is to create links with other research groups in France or abroad.

How to join?

By membership

Access to this site is reserved for homeopathic practitioners (subject, remember, to medical secrecy) for an annual fee of 30 €. This entry fee avoids the public opening of published works.

If you wish to become an active member of GEHU, please contact us: +33 (0)1 45 44 09 83.

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How is the work organized?

The GEHU meets three or four times a year, for three-day seminars in Paris or, more often, in the provinces.

omposition of the office, for the year 2017:

President: Philippe Servais
General Secretary: Didier Lustig
Treasurer: Francis Heyman
Director of publication: Armelle L’Hénoret-Servais

We expressly ask members to respect the confidentiality of the writings which, let us not forget, concern clinical descriptions of our patients. We are therefore bound to medical secrecy and no wild disclosure is permitted.